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Denmark restarts mothballed power stations
Written by Hugh Sharman   
Friday, 10 December 2010
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Power demand in the UK last went over 60 GW during 2005 when the UK was still an exporter of gas - so watch out for what happens to gas supplies if this "global warming" weather continues much longer.

As a matter of interest, cold winters seem to coming with increasing frequency. Indeed, there is "cold weather chaos" all over Europe. 

Here in our corner of Europe, Europe's wind battery, Norway, is running out of water.


The following chart (at http://www.nordpoolspot.com/reports/reservoir/Reservoir-content-Norway/) shows the level (as a percentage full) of Norway's reservoirs.


So for this time of the year, Norway's reservoirs are at an historic low

And Sweden's nukes, like UK's, are in maintenance.

So Denmark is actually restarting mothballed coal-fired power stations which will run 24/7 throughout the remainder of this cold and relatively windless winter to supply "dirty" electricity to Scandinavia's "climate saints".

What next, I wonder?


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