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European Wind Power – a good business opportunity for Norway
Written by Hugh Sharman   
Wednesday, 16 February 2011
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We are pleased to publish Paul-Frederik Bach's article "European Wind Power – a good business opportunity for Norway" which recently appeared under a different heading at The Oil Drum, at http://www.theoildrum.com/node/7404.


Paul-Frederik (http://pfbach.dk/ ) has more than 40 years experience in power system planning. He worked with grid and generation planning at ELSAM, the coordinating office for west Danish power stations, until 1997. As Planning Director at Eltra, Transmission System Operator in West Denmark, he was in charge of West Denmark's affiliation to the Nordic spot market for electricity, Nord Pool, in 1999. Until retirement in 2005 his main responsibility was the integration of wind power into the power grid in Denmark. He is still active as a consultant with interest in safe and efficient integration of wind power.

Our primary interest at DimWatt is to secure timely and economic power capacity within the UK, as so much old generating capacity is retired or simply wears out.

In this article, Paul-Frederik sees the Norwegians capitalizing on the lack of large-scale affordable energy storage in NW Europe as stochastic energy resources like wind (and PV) expands and becomes a significant supplier of Europe's electricity.

By the time it is built, some time after 2016, the UK is likely to see the proposed 1600 MW inter-connector between Norway and the UK as a source of affordable, clean and reliable electricity rather than as a "wind battery".  But if wind power expands as greatly and as fast as National Grid expect in their presentation dated 15th February (shttp://www.nationalgrid.com/NR/rdonlyres/CBB087D7-94E4-4CC0-A5DA-3ED795CF4D40/45414/Wind_Power_Forecasting.pdf )


Then of course, huge amounts of storage will have to be built, also in the UK.

There is a snag in all this.  From time to time, Norway's reservoirs are drained faster than they are replenished. Norway is suffering an historic drought during 2011 and the trauma of this event is likely to make the Norwegians wary of over-committing to being a supplier of the last resort to the UK later this decade.

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