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New paper for The John Muir Trust debunks wind power myths
Written by Hugh Sharman   
Friday, 08 April 2011
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We are pleased to post a new paper written for the John Muir Trust by the Stuart Young Consultancy.  The wind industry makes much of "debunking the myths" of wind farm objectors.  However, in doing this it has formulated a mythology of its own.  Among its many claims, the industry claims.

  1. Wind turbines will generate on average 30% of their rated capacity over a year.
  2. The wind is always blowing somewhere."
  3. Periods of widespread low wind are infrequent.
  4. The probability of very low wind output coinciding with peak electricity demand is slight.
  5. Pumped storage hydro can fill the generation gap during prolonged low wind periods.

Stuart Young takes each of these assertions and using impeccable (and public) sources of information, demolishes them with facts.  The capacity factor of the UK's wind fleet during 2010 was a shocking 21.14%.  It is time that private investors examine the prospectus on which they made investments in wind farms and DECC officials revise sharply downward their expectation for how wind power can replace diminishing fossil reserves and the cost of doing this.

To download and read Mr Young's ground-breaking report click on the link below

icon StuartYongREPORT (941.92 kB)


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