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DECC announces major changes to NETA/BETTA
Written by Hugh Sharman   
Monday, 01 February 2010

So at last, just a few weeks before the election, HMG discovers that NETA/BETTA needs reform! Better late than never! Let's only hope the Tories, Lib/Dems and others contribute usefully towards this long overdue initiative so that the vital matter of reforming this deeply flawed trading framework can continue in a non-partisan spirit whomsoever is unfortunate enough to win on 6th May.

We had actually been concerned that the much needed shredding of NETA/BETTA and the consequent and equally needed reform of energy trading would be delayed until long after the election.

We consider this realisation to be giant step in the right direction.




#1 Coalitiondave w 2010-12-05 14:38
Are there any indications on what the coalition government will do on this?

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